The FBI has said that there is a threat of a terrorist attack against an American target in the US or abroad tomorrow, according to a New York Times report. Government officials told the Times that the alert was an attempt to be careful, and that it was “an accumulation of tidbits.”

On Saturday, a Delta Airlines flight from New York to Amsterdam was cancelled when two middle-eastern men bought one-way tickets at the last minute. The men were detained.

Letters containing powder have been transmitted to many civilian and military targets, including American Media, NBC, the New York Times, Microsoft, Lackland Air Force Base in Texas, the San Antonio city government, and numerous others.

Two individuals at American Media got anthrax, as did one NBC employee. The FBI failed to examine the contents of the envelope sent to NBC when it was given to them on September 25, due to an apparent error. A third test on a letter sent to Microsoft has found anthrax. The letter sent to the New York Times has so far tested negative for anthrax.

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