FBI Director Robert Mueller said today that there was no early warning of the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon last week.

Speaking in a press conference with John Ashcroft, Mueller denied that any individuals on FBI ‘watch lists’ successfully entered the US.

However, it may be that the FBI had prior knowledge of some sort of terrorist activity, but was not able to determine its true nature in time.

Unknowncountry.com has learned from a hotel guest that the Copley Plaza Hotel in Boston was evacuated at 4:00AM Monday morning, and that bomb-making materials were removed from the hotel. This was before the attack, which unfolded on Tuesday.

Agents returned to the hotel on Tuesday afternoon and detained one man and two women, allegedly in connection with the attack. They were held on immigration charges.

Opinion: the FBI had a tip that led to the Monday raid at the Copely Plaza, but tragically did not give them enough information to expose what was about to happen. Hopefully, what they did find at the Copely Plaza will help in the investigation.

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