Anthony M. DeStefano reveals in Newsday that 2 FBI agents may have teamed up with an Egyptian money man to use classified information about 911 to make money in the stock market. Classified government information was found in their possession during a search. Assistant U.S. Attorney Kenneth Breen says the confidential data was material they had no legitimate reason to have and might lead to “something more serious.”

The information was revealed by Breen in the U.S. District Court in Brooklyn during the arraignment of Lynn Wingate, who is on administrative leave from the FBI, and former agent Jeffrey Royer, on charges they were involved in a stock trading racketeering conspiracy. Breen says classified information about “another subject matter” was unearthed during the execution of a search warrant.

Royer left the FBI in December 2001. He is charged with obtaining confidential agency material both while he was an agent and after he left (from Windgate), and passing it on to Amir I. Elgindy, an Egyptian native who is a U.S. citizen, who then made trades based on the data. Elgindy has been charged with masterminding the conspiracy. Breen says Elgindy?s attempts to liquidate the trust accounts of his children on September 10 might “perhaps” mean he had “pre-knowledge of the September 11 attacks [that he received from Royer and Wingate] and, rather than report it, he attempted to profit from that information.”

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