Scientists have developed a new class of drug which enables users to lose weight without cutting calories or exercising. Obese men who took part in a trial lost an average of more than a pound a month after being injected with a single dose of the drug.

The drug has been developed by a team of researchers at Monash University in Australia, led by Professor Frank Ng. Ng was investigating the causes of diabetes when he made the breakthrough leading to the production of the drug called Advanced Obesity Drug 9604 (AOD9604), which speeds up the body?s metabolism. Further trials of the drug will be carried out throughout the year and if they go well, a pill could be on the market in four years? time.

Dr. Ng says, ?We are hoping to give the drug to really obese people and reduce, to a certain extent, their fat so that they can become sufficiently mobile to begin the path towards improved health.

?Obesity used to be a condition associated with the trend toward old age but now we are seeing more and more children suffering obesity. This group has become our greatest concern but hopefully, using drugs like this one, we will be able to prevent them from becoming obese adults.?

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