The bacteria that lives in all of our guts may explain why we’re fat. Farmers fatten up their livestock by feeding them antibiotics and when we eat meat and poultry, this may make US fat too.

When scientists fed young mice a steady low dose of antibiotics, they altered the composition of the bacteria in the animals’ guts. This changed the way they broke down the food they ate and made them fatter.

In Scientific American, Amy Maxmen quotes microbiologist Martin Blaser as saying, "Antibiotics are extremely important drugs, but especially when given early in life, I believe they come at a cost that parents, doctors and patients should be aware of."

We often get antibiotics with an injection, so why not LOSE the fat that way too? The injection of a tiny capsule containing heat-generating cells into the abdomens of mice led those animals to burn abdominal fat and initially lose about 20% of belly fat after 80 days of treatment.

No matter WHY we got fat–whether it’s our fault or not–we have to face the facts and deal with it. That’s why we have REDUCED the price of Anne Strieber’s diet book, from $5 to $3!

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