If you want your last words to be remembered, put them on Facebook. The Facebook app "If I Die" makes sure you can still send out your last wishes and post messages to your friends even years after you die (at least this is information that won’t be stolen from you Facebook account).

On the Masable website, Zachary Sniderman quotes Eran Alfonta, who designed the app, as saying, "We all have things to say and don’t necessarily have the audience with the patience to hear us. Actually, we all want to leave something behind, we all want to leave a stamp behind us."

He suggests that recording Facebook farewell messages now is like buying a burial plot before you’re dead or putting funeral instructions in your will–in other words, the prudent thing to do. When your death is confirmed, your messages will either be sent out all at once to your Facebook recipients or released to them on a schedule that you design. When one user was diagnosed with cancer, she started recording videos for her daughter to be posted on her birthday every year until she turned 18.

If December, 2012 really is the end, maybe we should all start recording, but if it’s NOT the end, make sure it’s not the end of this perky little website. If you want us to still be around tomorrow, there’s only ONE way to do it: Subscribe today!

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