The home of “Planet Alert” astrologer Mahala is beingthreatened by one of the wildfires burning at this time inthe Pacific Northwest. In the past week, there have beenover a hundred requests for firefighter support in theregion. The two largest fires, the Tripod Complex and theColumbia Complex, are in Washington State. The ColumbiaComplex fire has destroyed over a hundred and fifty squaremiles of fields and forests. The Tripod group of fires hasbured a fantastic 260 square miles of wilderness area.Cooler temperatures have somewhat reduced the fires, but 15%of firefighters are leaving due to school starting. Mahalasays, “I need your help. There is a huge wild firethreatening our cabin andmany others. I would appreciate it if people would surroundthe area with either the White or Golden Christ Light forit’s highestand best good and then visualize rain putting out the fire..”

To get updates on the fires, including the Salmon La Sacfire that is threatening Mahala’s cabin and others,click here and go to the Cle Elumfire link.

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