Famed and beloved abduction therapist Constance Clear died this morning in a hospital in Phoenix, from complications arising from injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident a month ago.

Whitley and Anne Strieber and Constance Clear were close friends. Constance was the author/editor of Reaching for Reality, the only book ever written by a group of abductees describing their own experiences. She was a skilled therapist and researcher, and had a powerful healing relationship with her clients.

She was also a radio host and frequent talk show guest. She had recently moved to Sholo, Arizona to begin a new career, that of novelist. She was also, as always, ready to give her time and effort to any abductee who needed help. Constance was a rare and wonderful human being, and her loss is felt keenly by all who loved her.

The number of licensed masters of social work and psychologists who are willing and able to support abductees and close encounter witnesses in a fair and open-minded manner is very small, and her loss, for that reason, is a tremendous one in this community.

We at Unknowncountry know that you will be praying for her safe journey onward, and also that her passing may inspire others to seek to fill her shoes, and see past their biases to the unique and compelling needs of all who have close encounters.

Connie was fifty-three

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