As President Trump moved to unwind Obama-era regulations designed to bring the US into compliance with the Paris Climate Accord, ExxonMobil, long a climate change denier, urged him not to abandon the climate accord. The company sent a letter to Trump’s top energy policy aid describing the agreement as "an effective framework for addressing the risks of climate change." Johnson & Johnson, Nike and Intel have also, among many others, signed a statement in support of the Paris agreement. When campaigning, Trump promised that the Paris agreement would be "cancelled" within a hundre days. He has describe global warming science as a plot created by the Chinese in order to render US manufacturing non-competitive. At the same time, China has gone from being a climate change laggard to a world leader in the effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

At the same time, global warming models are being left behind by the speed of ocean warming and the decline of ice at both poles. Exxon’s arguments echo the view of former chairman Rex Tillerson, who is now Secretary of State. There is little scientific support for the idea that global warming isn’t a threat.

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