This is one of the most unusual UFO videos we have ever received on Unknowncountry. The object in this video is not the planet Niburu, contrary to what the videographer suggests. If another planet was that close to Earth, and exploding, our world would be in desperate trouble right now. However, this appears to be a well worked out video and so unusual that we are publishing this as a news story rather than an Out There story. The videographer begins with an excellent visual explanation of just where he observed the object in the sky. For another eight minutes of the video, the object is seen moving slowly in the evening sky. The contrail observed appears unrelated to the object, and an ordinary contrail. Then, at 10:25 the object explodes.

It breaks into a number of component parts that appear to start falling toward Earth. The object is at very high altitude, possibly in space. It could be some sort of manmade object, including a gigantic balloon in near space, but if so, there is no public information about it, and for a balloon to explode into huge pieces that remain visible suggests it would be enormous. There is no way to be certain of its altitude, except that it’s very high. Depending on its distance from the camera and its reflectivity, it is at least a few hundred feet in diameter, and probably much larger. There is no evidence that it is hostile or who made it. It could possibly be man made, and part of an orbital project that has not been disclosed to the public. However, the object’s wide visibility would suggest that some sort of public announcement would have been made, even if it did not disclose the actual purpose of the event.

This is one of the most unusual videos has received. We will be following up both with the videographer and within the aeronautics community, and with our video experts, but at present we are classifying this as a definite unknown that displays extraordinary performance characteristics.

There is not much truly authenticated UFO video on the internet. We estimate that more than 90% of it is either hoaxed or mistaken. However, the subscriber area does contain some very unusual video that has been authenticated, including one of the few UFO videos taken through a telescope. We are also working on posting a video of an object similar to the one in this report, which was also taken through a telescope and shows an object exploding in a strikingly similar manner.

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