Explorers returning to a remote village near the Bukkantingiregion of Sumatra have found additional evidence pointing tothe existence of a type of ape that is claimed to walkupright like a human. Villagers reportedly saw an animalknown as the ?orang pendek? feeding on soft fruit on a farmon the outskirts of the village.

Witnesses also reported seeing and hearing the animal inother regions of island as well, perhaps because theanimal?s habitat has lately been threatened by illegallogging operations.

Three years ago, the explorers Adam Davies and AndrewSanderson gathered specimens including hair and printsgathered were tested and found to contain DNA of an as yetunknown species. Mr. Davies and Mr. Sanderson returned backto the area to gather more data for a research project theywill soon be completing for a primatologist at CambridgeUniversity.

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