?and a UFO crash in Alabama? – Fake UFO video is so easy to create that there is a temptation to dismiss all of it, however this video from Holland has the appearance of authenticity. There is no indication of any tampering with the image, and it is time consuming, although not difficult, to create a graphic with the shaking movement that is revealed in this video. This may be a real video. If so, it is among the best made in the past few years. Unknowncountry.com no longer takes a position regarding UFO videos, because of the ease with which hoaxes can be created and the near impossibility of detecting them. We do publish videos that may possibly be authentic, such as this one. To view the video and learn more, click here.

WSFA-TV in Alabama reports that on April 26, a bright light was spotted in the sky over Decatur that some people thought may have been a UFO. The website quotes Cody Terry, who saw it, as saying, “When it was coming through the sky, I really thought it was an airplane that lost control so I came to a complete stop on the road. When I got out and looked at it was no sound coming from it.” Did it crash? He also says, “It sped up to maybe two hundred miles per hour [then] it went straight to the ground and disappeared.” Terry says he also saw three military helicopters in the area.

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Art credit: freeimages.co.uk

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