Bosnia’s leading Muslim daily Dnevni Avaz reports “a sensational discovery” of “the first European pyramid” that has been discovered just north of Sarajevo in Bosnia. According to the BBC, excavations at a hill above the town “have confirmed the original claim that this is Europe’s first pyramid and a monumental building, similar in dimensions to the Egyptian pyramids.” Since most ancient cultures built pyramids, since they are a fairly easy architectural shape to execute, this pyramid could contain amazing prehistoric artifacts.

The pyramid is over 300 feet high and may contain several rooms. It’s built of stone blocks, which, according to the Daily, “indicates the presence at the time of a highly developed civilization?Archaeological excavations near the surface have uncovered a part of a wall and fragments of steps.”

Geologist Nada Nukic says, “Visocica hill could not have been shaped like this by nature.” It’s worth remembering that the extensive pyramids of the Mayan culture in Mexico and Guatemala were overgrown and “lost” to modern civilization, until natives of these areas pointed them out to modern archeologists.

To see more photos of the pyramid,click here.

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