We may not be feeling the effects of global warming much yet, but on both ends of the earth, it has become an emergency. Greenland, which is mainly made of ice, is actually disappearing. And 300 glaciers in Antarctica have are quickly moving into the ocean. All this means higher sea levels for the rest of the world. Whitley Strieber and Art Bell will talk about this on Coast to Coast AM on Saturday, June 9, starting at 10 pm Pacific time.

In LiveScience.com, Andrea Thompson reports that daily satellite images show that “the icy mega-island of Greenland is slipping away faster than before.” She quotes researcher Marco Tedesco as saying, “The melting snow produces liquid water that will potentially influence sea levels.”

In the Independent, Steve Connor writes: “Fears that global sea levels this century may rise faster and further than expected are supported by a study showing that 300 glaciers in Antarctica have begun to move more quickly into the ocean? Scientists have found rising temperatures are causing glaciers as far apart as Alaska, Greenland and now Antarctica to break up and slip into the ocean at a faster rate than expected.”

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