Strange things are going on in this world: Whitley has talked to an elephant telepathically and we know that elephants communicate by stomping their feet. Now it turns out that they talk to each other SECRETLY too, by using low-frequency sounds that humans can’t hear.

A research team that spent months monitoring conversations between its resident herd of African elephants now believe that the animals communicate complex information. In addition to the trumpet calls which we can all hear, elephants emit a subtle growl or rumble. Most of these are transmitted at frequencies much too low to be heard by humans.

In the February 23rd edition of the Independent, Guy Adams quotes project leader Matt Anderson as saying, "What we have found is essentially a sort of secret vocabulary."A pregnant female, in the last few days of a gestation period of up to two-and-a-half years, is manipulating that rumble. [The other females] react by changing their position and standing in a circle, all facing out. In a wild setting, where a calf can potentially be taken by predators, it will be in the middle of that circle and protected."

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