The Monsanto Corporation, infamous for its efforts to’corner’ water rights and spread genetically modified foodsworldwide, has now embarked once again on a campaign to getinternational approval for ‘terminator’ seeds, which havelimited germination potiential, becoming sterile after oneor two generations.

When terminator seeds were sold to unwitting Indian farmers,the discovery that their crops could not reseed themselvescaused a wave of suicides across the country.

Scientists are concerned that genetic pollution from Terminator crops will lead to killing off a wide range ofcrops and plants, as Terminator pollen and seeds are spread by thewind, insect pollinators, and commercial seed co-mingling andtransportation.

Worldwide experience with the rapid and uncontrolled spreadof genetically engineered crops supports this concern, andafter an international campaign against terminator seeds in1998, Monsato withdrew plans to market the seeds.

The UN instituted a global ban but, on Feburay 11, effortsto overturn this ban were introduced at a UN conference inBangkok. Monsanto’s new effort is backed by the US, Canadaand New Zealand.

The spread of terminator genes through the genome will endseed saving, and will mean that food crops will becomedependent on the corporate infrastructure that supplies theseeds. Should that infrastructure ever fail, famine would bethe result. It is also possible that the genes will enterwild plants, causing them to destroy themselves.

While Monsanto has stated that this will not happen, it wasalso believed that the introduction of genetically modifiedcorn into Mexico would have no general effect on nonmodifiedcorn species there. This has proved not to be the case, asgenetically modified variants are now affecting many, if notmost, strains of corn in that country.

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