The world is about to change in a big way?the continents are being rearranged by earthquakes. One scientist says, “We don’t precisely know what is going to happen, but we believe that it may turn parts of Northern Ethiopia and Eritrea into an island, before a much larger land mass?the horn of Africa?breaks off from the continent.”

Much of this is being observed by satellite. In, Sara Goudarzi quotes geologist Tim Wright as saying, “Much of the activity between the continental shelves takes place deep underwater at the mid-ocean ridges. Ethiopia is the only place on the planet where we can see a continent splitting apart on dry land.”

The place where the African and Arabian tectonic plates meet have been moving apart at the rate of about an inch a year for the past 30 million years. This may sound slow, but as Wright says, “In geological terms, a million years is the blink of an eye.”

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