Besides the threat to the West Coast of the US, there could be more earthquakes on the way to the Caribbean in the near future, and not just aftershocks either.

Scientists who study earthquake activity in that are were not surprised that the Haitian quake occurred, but they WERE surprised that it hit Haiti instead of its neighboring country (on the same island) of the Dominican Republic. January 26th edition of the New York Times, Henry Fountain quotes physicist Eric Calais as saying, “If I had had to make a bet, I would have bet that the first earthquake would have taken place in the northern Dominican Republic, not Haiti.” Calais issued a warning 2 years ago that a quake was building up along that fault. But he was more concerned about the Septentrional fault, which has not had an earthquake in 800 years. This is the one that would damage the Dominican Republic.

Researcher Paul Mann has been on Jamaican radio discussing the hazards. Fountain quotes him as saying, “They know they

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