We’ve told you how cars of the future may be able to fix their own dents. Now it turns out that houses of the future may be able to repair their own earthquake damage. This could be important, since scientists have discovered a set of massive faults in the US Midwest that caused a series of devastating earthquakes 200 years ago?and could do it again, since they are set to shake on a 500-year cycle.

In LiveScience.com, Robin Lloyd reports that 4 huge ?seismic events? of 8.0 magnitude occurred from December 1811 to February 1812, with an epicenter in the town of New Madrid in Missouri, near the Kentucky and Tennessee state lines. The quakes caused the nearby Mississippi River to flow backwards temporarily.

In another LiveScience.com article, Bill Christensen describes a prototype “self-healing” house that is being constructed on a Greek mountainside, with walls that contain tiny “nano” polymer particles that will flow into the cracks?when they occur?and harden into a solid material.

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Art credit: USGS

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