Spaceref – A team of astronomers has found the most Earth-Like PlanetYet to be discovered outside our solar system. It’s aboutseven-and-a-half times as large as Earth, and it may be thefirst non-gaseous planet ever found that is orbiting arounda normal star like our Sun. Astronomer Michael Turner says,”[These] results are an important step toward answering oneof the most profound questions that mankind can ask: Are wealone in the universe?”

The newly-discovered “super-Earth” is located just 15 lightyears away from us. The star it’s orbiting also has twohuge, Jupiter-size planets in orbit around it. Astronomersthink that the presence of these gas giants in the outerorbits of a constellation may indicate life on an innerplanets, since these large planet absorb the blows fromincoming space rocks?which that caused the dinosaurs to goextinct.

Astronomer Geoffrey Marcy says, “This planet answers anancient question. Over 2,000 years ago, the Greekphilosophers Aristotle and Epicurus argued about whetherthere were other Earth-like planets. Now, for the firsttime, we have evidence for a rocky planet around a normal star.”

Astronomer Paul Butler says of the new planet: “It’s likeEarth’s bigger cousin.”

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