An experiment with implications almost beyond imaginationhas confirmed that earth’s rotation actually twists thefabric of space and time.

An international group of scientists assembled by NASA hasconfirmed that Einstein was correct in his theory thatplanetary rotation would do this.

Scientists at the Joint Centre for Earth System Technologyand the University of Maryland measured a ?frame-dragging?effect on satellites orbiting the earth, suggesting that thepull of the Earth?s rotation on surrounding space causessatellites to shift slightly on its axis.

It also may be responsible for a whole range of differentphysical and even perceptual effects that are presentlylittle understood.

In his general theory of relativity, Einstein suggested?frame dragging?, which occurs when a rotating body warpsspace-time, much like a ball rotating in a thick liquid, anddragging some of it along with it as it turns.

Until now this phenomenon has remained theoretical.

It is still not clear whether there is another force pushingthe satellites off their axis, but as Mr. Pavlis said, ?itwould have to be a very smart force to exactly mimic generalrelativity.?

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