These links offer insight into the current earth changes situation as it is seen by science.


1. Install energy-efficient showerheads.

2. Use an insulating jacket on your water heater.

3. Calk any heat leaks in your house.

You will personally reduce carbon emissions by up to a thousand pounds a year.

Images of the Antarctic Ice ShelvesThis site offers photographs of the various Antarctic ice shelves and is updated frequently.

The Global Volcanism ProgramYou can get recent volcanic activity data here.

Mt. Popocatapetl Picture Updated Every 30 Seconds With things as polluted as they are now (May, 1998), you can’t see much, but it’s there and it’s smoking.

News on Mt. Pacaya EruptionsMt. Pacaya near Guatemala City began erupting in May. The most recent eruption was on May 20, when ash choked Guatemala City for only the third time in living memory.

Etna Decade Volcano, Sicily, ItalyThe Latest From Mt. Etna. May 29, 1998 Lava Flows

Atlantic Monthly Sudden Climate Change ArticleThis is an outstanding effort by a very thoughtful author, William H. Calvin. Sudden climate change is a serious problem that needs to be understood now.

New Delhi Heat Wave WatchOne of the worst heat waves in Indian history is under way in May of 1998. As of May 29, at least 500 people were known to have died. On May 28, temperatures in New Delhi reached 118F (47C).

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