An unusually large early season winter storm has struck the United States from Oklahoma to New York, and will move up the eastern seaboard today. For the past three years, the flows of major ocean currents worldwide have been weakening, and some scientists have been predicting the possibility of very large winter storms in the US and Europe, with Europe being especially vulnerable. Whitley Strieber’s book “The Coming Global Superstorm,” predicted this kind of storm would be the beginning of global climate change.

This storm is unusual for its size. At one point it covered almost the entire south, and parts of east Texas and Oklahoma. Storms this large are rare at any time of year, but for a winter storm to cover this much land area this early in the season is uncommon.

It left more than a million people across the south without power yesterday, as it inundated the region with up to a foot of snow. At least eight traffic deaths have been attributed to the treacherous driving conditions. As the storm moves into the northeast, it is expected to dump up to eight inches of snow in Philadelphia and New York.

In Superstorm, Whitley Strieber and Art Bell explain howweather of this type will begin to appear in early winter months and lead over a period of years to a major climate change.

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