Druids have reduced the number of accidents on Austria’s worst stretch of highway.They put huge one-ton white quartz monoliths alongside the road to restore the natural flow of “earth energy.” During a two-year trial after this was done, fatal accidents fell from an average of six a year to zero.

Archdruid Gerald Knobloch used a divining rod to inspect the stretch of highway and restore “earth energy lines.” He says, “I located dangerous elements that had disrupted the energy flow. The worst was a river which human interference had forced to flow against its natural direction. By erecting two stones of quartz at the side of the road the energy lines were restored?Acupuncture needles also restore broken energy lines. What acupuncture does for the body, the stones do for the environment.”

Road engineer Harald Dirnbacher says, “We had put up signs to reduce speed, renewed the road surface and made bends more secure but we still kept getting accidents. At that point we couldn’t think of anything else to do and decided we might as well try anything. I admit when we first looked at it [energy lines] we were doubtful. We didn’t want people to know in case they laughed at us, so we kept the trial secret and small-scale. But it was really an amazing turnaround.” Authorities are now using the druids for more road work, since they cost much less than resurfacing a highway.

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