Super-clear photos of a bizarre UFO have caused aninternational sensation, and now CGI experts are showingjust how perfect fakes can be, but so far there is noevidence at all that the ‘Chad’ photos posted on Flikr, andthe ‘Alabama’ photo posted on are fakes.Headers on the Chadphotos indicate that theywere taken with a Konica Minolta DiMAGE X at an ISO Speed of100 and a resolution of 72dpi on May 6 at 5:43 PM. Inaddition, Linda Moulton Howe leads offDreamland today with a convincing interview with a witnesswho saw the ‘drone’ two years ago. So the evidencestill favors the original photos being real. BUT the drone is now beingreproduced perfectly using CGI technology. It isvirtually impossible to tell whether or not the originalphotographs are real, but the depth of evidence Linda Howeis presenting remains compelling. To see an expertvideo that has been created of the ‘drone,’ click here.This is probably CGI work, but it, also, could be a realvideo of such a drone in testing.So the question must be asked again: is this an elaboratehoax or clever viralmarketing, or are all of these CGI efforts disinformation,innocent or intentional? Whether the various witnesses tooktheir picturesin innocence or are part of the marketing campaign we do notknow, but there is no question now: the mysterious ‘drone’can be recreated using CGI technology. For more discussion ofit on the “Open Minds” forumclickhere. For a CGI version of the stills,clickhere.

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