You will soon be able to operate your TV and stereo with a wave of your hand and control your ear buds with your eyes, but will it be safe to drive your car using your eyes alone?

German researchers have done it: They’ve developed a new technology that lets drivers steer cars using only their eyes. The car was recently tested on the runway of a German airport, but in, Juergen Baetz quotes inventor Raul Rojas as saying, “The biggest challenge is of course to drive in a city with pedestrians and lots of obstacles.”But what if you blink? What if you’re in a convertible and something blows into your eye? Instead of making driving safer, this may make it more dangerous than ever.

There’s an old saying about driving past small towns: “If you blink, you’ll miss it completely.” This website could also be gone in a blink if we don’t get more support from our fans today and we think you’ll miss us a lot if that happens. Here’s one thing we hope you WON’T miss: Our great Dreamland Festival on June 25-27. Come meet all your favorite Dreamland people in person!

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