When we had Peter Levenda on Dreamland June 22, speaking tous live from his home in Malaysia about his book “UnholyAlliance,” we had no idea we were going to sell his book out of every store in the country. His book, about how the Nazis were inspired byoccult teachings (with a forward by Norman Mailer) wasbought by so many listeners the publisher ran out of stockand had to re-print. Bookstores all over the country ran outof it. The same thing happened when we interviewed KristinaBorjesson of “Into the Buzzsaw” on Dreamland May 4. Booksfrom small publishers run out of stock quickly, since theyare able to produce books you don?t find anywhere else bylimiting the number of copies they print. But books youdon?t find everywhere are exactly what we’re looking for onDreamland. The good news? “Unholy Alliance” is back instock. If you want a copy,click here.

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