A Message From Whitley Strieber: We have unexpectedly ended up with what I believe to be the most important Dreamland I have ever broadcast. I did not know that it would happen like this. But it has. For details, keep reading…

First, reporter Daniel Pinchbeck talks about the new psychedelic revolution and what has convinced him that certain naturally occuring psychedelic substances enable interaction with other dimensions that are very real, and represent a profound level of communication that, used with wisdom and care, can open the mind to these other worlds.

Daniel’s website: Breakingopenthehead.com

Then, the single most amazing report Linda Howe has ever produced: she has just returned from a secret two-week journey to Corghinho, Brazil, and she is now convinced that the extraordinary close-encounter case of Urandir Oliviera is true. She personally witnessed unexplainable phenomena that could not have been accomplished with trickery, and has obtained samples and videotape that place this case among the very best ever. But why now? Why suddenly a wealth of proof that genuine strangeness is involved? Perhaps it was the warning that has been transmitted…

Linda’s website: Earthfiles.com

The third interview–which was taped while Linda was still in Brazil–incredibly enough, relates to this warning. William Henry talks about Tara, the secret of Tara energy and the temple that has been found buried beneath the hill of Tara in Ireland.

William’s website: Williamhenry.net

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