You taste in reading shows the kinds of dreams you have, and adults who read fiction have stranger dreams than nonfiction readers?and are more likely to remember their dreams. Fans of fantasy and science fiction have more nightmares and ?lucid? dreams (in which they?re aware that they?re dreaming). Readers of romance novels have especially emotional dreams.

This information was discovered by researchers from the University of Wales who divided more than 10,000 readers into different personality types based on the books they chose, and asked them to complete questionnaires about their dreams. The researchers believe that different personality types have different kinds of dreams.

They also found that children who read scary books are 3 times more likely to have nightmares. Dr. Mark Blagrove says, “Reading affects children’s dreams more, the younger they are.” Parents have long known about the soothing properties of a gentle bedtime book like ?Goodnight Moon.? For most people, the number of nightmares decreases as we get older.

People who have UFO experiences that seem like dreams may want to throw out the science fiction and pick up some romance novels, to see if that keeps the little gray guys away.

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