At the same time our soldiers keep on fighting in Afghanistan, that country is rewriting its history books to LEAVE OUT its many wars.

It’s a way to try to patch up the many, long lasting schisms between different tribes. These omissions ("lies?"), which are in textbooks funded by the US, take a pause in Afghan history starting in 1973. In the Washington Post, Kevin Sieff quotes education minister Farooq Wardak as saying, "Our recent history tears us apart. We’ve created a curriculum based on the older history that brings us together, with figures universally recognized as being great. These are the first books in decades that are depoliticized and de-ethicized."

This type of editing is nothing new for Afghanistan: Elementary and middle school textbooks which have been used over the past several years, conclude history in the early 1970s.

Sieff quotes Wahidyar as saying, "We aren’t mature enough to come up with a way to teach such a sensitive history."

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