Feet, rather than fists, are the most dangerous bodily weapon. When researchers looked at the records of 25,000 patients in Wales who were hospitalized due to violent altercations, they found that for those people who had been attacked with someone’s feet were the most likely to be injured. This is valuable knowledge for men who fear being attacked by stronger bullies.

Almost two thirds of the patients studied reported being attacked by just one assailant, and around one in five injuries were inflicted using a weapon of some sort, about equally divided between sharp and blunt objects. The use of weapons was significantly more likely to cause serious injury than the use of body parts, so your feet won’t be much of a help if the other person has a weapon.

But, in descending order, feet, blunt objects, other body parts, and sharp objects were significantly more likely to inflict serious injuries than the use of fists, which were involved in over half of all injuries.

While feet were used in only 7% of assaults, they were the body part most likely to inflict serious injuries?considerably more so than fists. And the results showed that kicking caused more severe injuries than the use of sharp objects, which included knives, bottles, and glasses.

If you have considered learning a martial art, pick one that emphasizes the use of the feet.

Art credit: freeimages.co.uk

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