First we found out that business travel is dangerous, then we found out that staying in your office and inhaling the dust on your desk is dangerous too! Now we learn that trying to save money by eating at your desk is another danger. If you bring a bag lunch to work you’re not alone: 83% percent of Americans eat in their office or cubicle in an effort to save time and money, but when it comes to protecting themselves against foodborne illnesses, many professionals are still “out to lunch.”

A majority of Americans continue to eat lunch (62%) and snack throughout the day (50%) at their desks, while 27% have breakfast as the first thing on their daily to-do list. Late nights at the office even leave a small percentage (4%) dining at their desktop for dinner. Dietician Toby Smithson says, “For many people, multitasking through lunch is part of the average workday. While shorter lunch hours may result in getting more accomplished, they could also be causing workers to log additional sick days, as desktops hide bacteria that can lead to foodborne illness.”

Only half of all Americans say they always wash their hands before eating lunch. In order to reduce this risk. Smithson also recommends cleaning off your desk with antibacterial wipes before eating at it. A 2007 study found the average desktop has 100 times more bacteria than a kitchen table and 400 times more than the average toilet seat. Whether you eat at your desk, at a restaurant or at home, if you need to lose weight, you need Anne Strieber’s diet book "What I Learned from the Fat Years." At less than $5 for a download, it costs much less than diet books in stores and, unlike most of those, this one WORKS.

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