We switched and now almost everybody has, especially when it comes to Christmas lights. LED lights are cooler and cheaper to run than old-fashioned incandescent decorations, but some people are unhappy about the chilly "underwater" glow they give to everything, almost as if whole neighborhoods are inside an aquarium.

In the December 15th edition of the Wall Street Journal, Miguel Bustillo quotes Michigan resident Mary O’Neill as saying, "I walked by a home that had LED lights the other day and they had all the coziness of an operating room." Her family has now switched BACK to the warm glow of incandescents.

Bustillo quotes Home Depot’s Brad Whited as saying, "We don’t foresee it stopping (despite the fact that) customers were accustomed to the incandescent look. But LEDs are getting so much better." Manufacturers are tinkering with them to give them more warmth, so they’ll be better in the future. He quotes Troy Dally of Lowe’s as saying, "That bluish tint that a lot of people didn’t like–the new technology is offering a warmer color."

Bustillo quotes homeowner Tracy Apps as saying, "They’re a little funky, but overall, these lights have gotten much better. I have them from all different years so I can tell."

We may ALL have to switch soon: The government is considering mandating LED bulbs as a way to cut power consumption and has already replaced all the incandescent bulbs in Federal buildings with LEDs. The Department of Energy estimates that if every US household switched to LED bulbs for their Christmas decorations, we’d save a total $410 million on our electric bills.

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