Anti-war protester Tom Hayden thinks that opposition to the war on Iraq is far greater than the opposition to the war in Vietnam was at a similar stage, but he doesn?t think this is reflected in the media, where the Iraq war is reported as if there?s no question about it taking place?the only question is when. “The anti-war movement does not have a voice in the national debate equal to our numbers,” he says. “The corporate media has ignored or trivialized the movement … the talk shows are filled with right-wing pundits or failed military officials.” He criticized the New York Times and PBS for underestimating the numbers at the recent anti-war demonstrations in Washington. Bernie Weinraub from the New York Times and Robin Abearian from the LA Times say their papers made a mistake in under-reporting the demonstration. Regarding the lack of coverage of 80,000 people marching against the war in San Francisco that same weekend, Abearian says, “sometimes bad calls are made.”

Right-wing talk show host Jerry Springer is one of the few people in the media to openly say that most ordinary Americans want to destroy Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda, but don?t want to extend the war to Iraq. All a war would achieve, he says, would be to create a whole new generation of people who hated Americans. Because of this, he feels it?s patriotic to oppose the war.

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