Documents have just been released that prove that the US recovered extraterrestrial vehicles and bodies during the Truman Administration. I am aware of the background of these documents, and feel strongly that they are authentic. Not only that, there are more to come, and there could be an official acknowledgement at some point. To read these documents as well as my latest insights into the abduction phenomenon, link to:

Whitley’s Kairos Statement

The Document Section

These documents are under study at high levels both in and outside of the UFO community, and their level of authentication appears to be very strong.

This is the website of a very extraordinary man, Joe Firmage, whom I have known since last summer. Mr. Firmage has been a strikingly successful businessman. He is dynamic, thoughtful and strikingly brilliant. He has done wonders in a very short time, and I am proud to be able to support him. There will undoubtedly be all sorts of lies flying across the internet about him. I have looked into his life and background, and there is nothing negative to report. No matter what is said about him, that’s the truth of it.

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