It’s known that many animals become restless and noisybefore earthquakes. But medical doctors have begun torealize that people can predict earthquakes as well.

After the Spitak (Armenia) earthquake in 1989, which killed25,000 people, a survey found that the number of births andmiscarriages was five times the normal rate. The number ofpatients suffering diseases such as high blood pressure,headaches, heart trouble and respiratory diseases increasedas well.

On the day of the 1993 earthquake in Latur (India), thenumber of births increased to 18. Before that, the averagein one hospital was 3 to 4. Two days before the earthquake,the number had increased to 6; then it shot up to 12 the daybefore the quake and was 18 on the actual day of theearthquake. There were five to seven times more patientscomplaining about various diseases.

When all these indicators were checked in China and Turkeythey were found to be similar. If doctors and hospitals werealerted to these findings, they could report unusualincreases in health complaints and births to a centralearthquake prediction location.

Indian seismologist Arun Bapat says, “We need to promotethis theory because we cannot afford to install a largenumber of seismological and geophysical instruments atthousands of locations?Currently, most of the efforts areoriented to the post-seismic scenario. These are rescue,evacuation, rehabilitation, acquiring jeeps, mobilehospitals, distribution of food, blankets, tents etc. Butthese efforts benefit the survivors only. They do not savelives.”

Kathleen McConnell, who mothered a group of dead children,says,Don?tCall Them Ghosts.

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