Dr. Richard O’Connor, who originally stated that he did not believe that the mummy depicted in two slides presented at Jaime Maussan’s "Be Witness" event in Mexico City on May 5 was human, has now said that he does believe that it is the mummy of a child. He made the following statement on the MUFON radio program on station KGRA: "I’ve just, over the past 48 hours more or less, been looking at that, and it seems to me like it’s drawing us toward the conclusion that in fact is this photograph probably does represent a native American child. There were some, a couple of photographs in the last pages of that set of documents, one of them in particular on page 176, and in my opinion it really does show a different photograph of what is very likely the same child.”

He is apparently making reference to a document released by the Mesa Verde Museum showing a similar mummy. Curt Collins of the UFO Chronicles reports that he contacted Dr. O’Connor after he made the statement and received further confirmation that Dr. O’Connor does now believe that the body in the "Be Witness" slide is that of a young child, and that it appears to be the same body as pictured in the Mesa Verde documents.

Dr. O’Connor did not respond to Unknowncountry’s email requesting further information.


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