Some people are born psychic, while others sometimes become psychic after a brain injury, the way Anne Strieber did. Others can be temporarily psychic. Still other achieve this result through the use of mind-expanding drugs.

Surveys conducted by British researcher Rupert Sheldrake reveal that around 78% of the population has had unexplainable "psychic" experiences, and the scientific evidence supports the validity of these experiences. According to neuroscientist Dean Radin, the odds that the results of these studies could be a coincidence are many billions to one (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to these shows).

In the Santa Cruz "Patch," David Jay Brown writes: "Few people are aware that there have been numerous, carefully-controlled scientific experiments with telepathy, psychokinesis, remote viewing, and other types of psychic phenomena, which have consistently produced compelling, statistically-significant results that conventional science is at a loss to explain."

Brown suggests that "all of the traditional studies that have been done with psychic phenomena, which generated positive results, could be redone with subjects dosed with different psychedelic drugs or hallucinogenic plants to see if test scores can be measurably improved."

Trouble is, we might end up with a lot of psychics in jail! Would they be able to intuit how to escape?

You don’t need any special type of intuition to know that unknowncountry is he place to be if you want the BEST news of the edge! Make sure we’re still here tomorrow to conjure it up for you. Did you know there could be a mental hospital filled with CIA agents and a painting that is really a time machine? Leave it to Whitley Strieber to conjure THAT one up for you!

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