Because there is a NEW WAY to count calories – Maybe one of the reasons some of us are so fat is because we measure calories the wrong way. Calorie counts are created by incinerating food, but we don’t burn food up, we digest it.

Nutritionists say that women should eat around 2,000 calories per day and men should eat 2,500, but how are those calories being measured? And it turns out that a calorie in one food isn’t the same as a calorie in another, because they are metabolized by the body in different ways. Some are used to produce energy, while others are just used to create fat.

Calorie counts are based on a system developed in the 19th century by burning small samples of food and measuring the amount of energy released in the form of heat. But that’s not how our bodies use calories. If we eat a cookie made of mostly sugar and flour, we’re more likely to gain weight than if we eat an oatmeal cookie of the same size, because it’s easier for our bodies to extract calories from sugar and refined flour.

In New Scientist, Bijal Trivedi quotes nutritionist Janis Baines as saying, “We believe that metabolizable energy is a more accurate representation of what’s in that food for everybody [and is] more accurate for the purposes of food labeling.”

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