The post office in Shag Harbor, Nova Scotia, Canada has developed a new UFO postmark of a flying saucer, to commemorate the book ?Dark Object,? by local authors Don Ledger and Chris Styles, which is part of Whitley Strieber?s ?Hidden Agendas? series.

The postmark will feature a UFO hovering over the water, with a boat and lighthouse nearby. It will be stamped on letters and packages before they?re mailed out and will be in use after May 18, says Shag Harbor postmistress Cindy Nickerson, ?whenever anyone comes in who wants their mail stamped with it.?

?I think it?ll be pretty nice,? says retired fisherman Lawrence Smith. He was one of the local men who was asked by the Canadian government to search for the UFO in the cold water of the harbor on the night of October 4, 1967.

?It was about 11:30 at night,? he recalled. But all he and the other searchers found was ?a strip of yellowish foam about three inches thick on the water? which was never identified. Earlier that evening, many locals saw flashing lights fly through the sky and appear to crash into the water.

It has been suggested that the object was a crashed Soviet spacecraft, but it was identified in government documents as a UFO, as there is no evidence that it was a rocket.

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