We recently wrote about how drinking cola?whether regular, diet or decaf?is dangerous for women. Now the Coca-Cola company is launching a new brand of cola that is even more dangerous, because it’s essentially speed in a bottle!

Andrew Gumbel in the Independent the sales pitch for the new drink will be: drink cola and lose weight at the same time. This is different from regular diet drinks, that just claim to prevent you from gaining weight, in that the new drink, called Enviga, will actually burn calories, due to its high level of caffeine and other ingredients, which speed up the metabolism.

There is no word about whether this will be dangerous to heart patients or to people with high blood pressure. It will certainly lead to mental stress, which is something few Americans need more of.

The drink could also cause insomnia, which can lead to other dangerous conditions?even diabetes!

Short or poor quality sleep is associated with reduced control of blood-sugar levels in black people with diabetes. Researcher Dr. Kristen Knutson says, “We’ve known for some time that skimping on sleep can impair glucose tolerance even for healthy people. Now we have evidence connecting chronic partial sleep deprivation and reduced blood-sugar control in patients with diabetes?Sleep curtailment has become increasingly prevalent in modern society, and it cannot be excluded that this behavior has contributed to the current epidemic of type 2 diabetes.”

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