We recently wrote about how the administration is forcing climate scientists to use fake science to “explain” global warming. Now it turns out that states like Florida will not even have access to the REAL science they do. This is particularly important in Florida, which is especially vulnerable to hurricanes, which have increased due to warmer ocean temperatures.

It?s not just that the government is trying to limit access to data that does not fit their official pronouncements, it?s that we?re not investing enough money into gathering the data, at a time when the planet is hotter that it’s been in recorded history. By 2010, the number of operating sensors and instruments on NOAA’s weather monitoring satellites will decrease 40%, and there is no money available to replace them.

Martin Merzer writes in the Miami Herald that scientists will soon lose access to crucial information from NOAA and NASA that helps them understand global warming and the weather problems it causes. The NASA QuikSCAT information helps scientists estimate wind speeds at the ocean’s surface and forecast the strength of future hurricanes. This detector was expected to only last until 2002, when NOAA would replace it. Now that so much money is being eaten up by the war in Iraq, they may replace it with a less sophisticated instrument, and even that hasn’t been launched yet.

Merzer quotes climatologist Otis Brown as calling the situation “a train wreck.”

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