You won’t find this in the US press, but the British Independent newspaper has revealed the existence of a new government report, to be released to government agencies on Wednesday, that urges the US to begin getting ready to invade Cuba and create a democracy there. This could be done once Castro is gone, or we might start taking steps to depose him.

David Usborne writes in the Independent that Bush is asking Congress for $80 million for the project for the Commission for Assistance for a Free Cuba, a group started by Bush three years ago that is headed by Condoleeza Rice. Although he will celebrate his 80th birthday in August, Castro shows no sign of being in bad health, so the report lists future measures the US may consider implementing in order to undermine Castro. He seized power in Cuba in 1959 and has said he will pass the Presidency on to his brother Raul at his death.

Ricardo Alarcon, president of the Cuban parliament, says, “What’s most important is that they admit to a secret plan to overthrow another government.” An important element in this plan may be the fact that Jeb Bush, the President?s brother, is the governor of Florida, which is home to many anti-Castro refugees and the first place that asylum seekers escaping from Cuba reach. The US Coast Guard says there has recently been a large increase in Cubans flying to the Dominican Republic, then taking a boat to Mona Island, which is part of the Dominican Republic, then traveling on to Puerto Rico, which is part of the US.

A major factor is whether or not we take action in Cuba may be the Republican chances for election in 2008. The Iraq war is very unpopular, but invading Cuba would probably be a popular move, one that would boost Republican chances for keeping the Presidency. In that case, Jeb Bush might even be the Presidential candidate, marking the continuation of an American political dynasty along the lines of the Kennedy family.

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