The Reverend Wesley Marcle was eating dinner when he found a small gold crucifix in the cabbage cooked by his wife Carol. He nearly ate the piece of jewelry, which looks like the setting from a man?s ring.

The crucifix apparently fell into the cabbage while it was growing on a farm in California, says Nick Secrest, produce manager at Roth?s Friendly Market in Salem, Oregon, where Carol Marcle bought the cabbage a couple weeks ago. Secrest says that once in while a piece of machinery or harvesting equipment will fall into a crate, but this is the first time he?s ever heard of a foreign object being found inside some produce. He plans to contact the grower, but doubts they?ll be able to return the crucifix to its owner.

?This is something you read about in the National Enquirer or The Star,? says Carol Marcle. ?This doesn?t happen in real life.?

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