Andy Thomas writes in the Swirled News website that special manmade crop circle formations will be produced for the upcoming Hollywood film ?Signs,? starring Mel Gibson and directed by M. Night Shyamalan, who made ?The Sixth Sense.? The film will open in the U.S. in the summer of 2002.

In its February 2002 issue (no. 152), the English magazine ?Empire? has a photo of Mel Gibson standing in a field of corn and says, ?Disney may (or may not) be hyping the flick by planting fake crop circles in South Africa.? In the newspaper ?USA Today,? Shyamalan says, ?We actually made them all in the fields — we contracted out to some guys a couple of galaxies away.?

An industry newspaper reports that Tim Bull, an Australian paranormal researcher, has accused the Disney studios of creating public relations stunts by making crop formations in fields all around the world. A Disney spokesperson, Heidi Trotta, is quoted as denying this, but if it?s true, it?s going to be a tough season for crop circle researchers, since they?ll have to deal with manmade movie circles, as well as the ones made by the usual debunking groups. We?ll need BLT analysis more than ever, although some of the publicity circles will be obvious, such as the one showing Mel Gibson?s face in the center.

The film will at least get the public talking about crop circles again, after years of U.S. media dismissal. Word is that the tone of the movie is dark, with lines like, ?It?s not like they didn?t warn us.? Gibson plays a clergyman who finds himself questioning his beliefs after his wife is involved in a serious accident. His character has strange experiences involving crop circles. Director Shyamalan, in ?U.S.A. Today,? declares he is a skeptic and says, ?Although I think they?re hoaxes, crop circles are intriguing and seemed like a nice starting point for a creepy story.?

English crop circle researchers are upset about that, despite the fact that the first circles appeared in the U.K., a trailer for the film shows some of the classic U.K. designs as being from other parts of the world, and none at all in England.

To go to the official website for the film,click here.

To learn more about this, read ?Mysterious Lights and Crop Circles? by Linda Moulton Howe,click here.

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