Crop circles, which used to be seen mainly in the U.K., have started turning up in fields all over the world. For the past three years, crop circles have been appearing in the small village of Wylatowo in Poland. Just like in the U.K., orbs of light have been seen flying over the circles. Those who have seen them say, “First, there’s a great silence. No trees whispering, no birds singing, even the air seems still while a thick fog forms above the ground. It is pitch dark. It all lasts a few minutes, during which the crops all of the sudden start ‘lying down’ in the form of characteristic circles; then, everything comes back to life.”

In the Warsaw Voice, Danuta Szafraniec quotes Wojciech Bobilewicz of the Nautilus Foundation (which is investigating the circles) as saying, “We believe that these pictograms were created by some supernatural force?we do not know whether physical or spiritual in nature and maybe we will never find out; but we can say for sure that these are not human beings.”

In July, Nancy Talbott and her team from BLT Research, which has extensively investigated crop circles all over the world, visited the area. After testing the plants inside the circles, Talbott concluded that the circles are authentic, and not conventionally manmade.

We don’t know who is making the “real” crop circles, but if it’s humans, they’re using techniques that science isn’t aware of. Will this mystery ever be solved? To see how awesome this phenomenon really is, get our beautiful 2004 crop circle calendar?we’re the only place that carries it in the U.S. and it’s now $2 off!

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