Whitley Strieber’s first crop circle imprinting meditation is our lead offering for our subscribers this week. Whitley has been working with the circles ever since the possibility that they might be intended?or at least, usable?as mind-altering patterns came up a few weeks ago. For more information on how all that works, read his journal entry about this. Keep reading to find out how you can join our meditation!

Whitley will be using as our opening pattern the circle that appeared at West Kennett Longbarrow as he was writing the journal entry about this on June 28. Whitley says, “I think that what is on offer to us is a way into a new kind of consciousness, a new mind. This first meditation will explore the process of entry.” Whitley will also be appearing in our subscriber chat room from time to time to chat with fellow meditators about this new process.

In order to join our meditation, which is just for subscribers, you need to subscribe today.

Our image of the West Kennett Longbarrow formation reproduced here is copyright Lucy Pringle, and reproduced with her kind permission.

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