Scientists are still trying to break the cosmic speed limit that says that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light, even if it means bending the laws of physics. While they don’t yet know if WE can do it, there’s evidence that PARTICLES can move faster than light.

As for us humans, we may still be stuck on the elevator, but an experiment called OPERA (for Oscillation Project with Emulsion tRacking Apparatus) recently announced that it has spotted neutrinos travelling a few fractions of a second faster than the speed of light.

Alas, the OPERA results were incorrect, due to a faulty cable connection in the GPS system used to time the neutrinos.

On BBC News, Jennifer Ouellette quotes cosmologist ken Olum as saying, "It almost certainly can’t be done. Of course, if we are talking about quantum gravity (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show), it’s hard to know, because we don’t really know what that is."

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