The two-hour Confirmation Special will appear on NBC on Wednesday, February 17. Check your local listings for time. Produced by Mark Wolper and Whitley Strieber, the special searches for hard evidence of the unknown, centered around the issues raised in Whitley Strieber’s book Confirmation. Examining such mysteries as unexplained objects in NASA Space Shuttle footage, never before revealed UFO sightings and explosive new information about implants, the special strives to offer an even-handed view. It gives skeptics and believers equal time to state their cases, and is frank about possible hoaxes. Taking its cue from Strieber’s often-stated admonition that “we have to keep the questions open,” the special nevertheless comes up with startling new evidence that some very real mysteries are out there waiting to be solved. Dr. Roger Leir’s implant team removes an object on-camera, which is then placed under laboratory analysis, with results that suggest in the strongest terms that it is unwise for authorities to continue to ignore the implant issue. Visit the Confirmation website for more!

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