Not everything is happy down on the farm. Weed killers are killing us and some of the pesticides used on crops can prevent breast feeding and dietary cadmium, a toxic metal found in many farm fertilizers, may lead to an increased risk of breast cancer.

Cadmium occurs at low concentrations naturally, but scientists are concerned because contamination of farmland mainly due to atmospheric deposition and use of fertilizers leads to higher uptake in plants. Researcher Agneta Åkesson says, "Because of a high accumulation in agricultural crops, the main sources of dietary cadmium are bread and other cereals, potatoes, root crops and vegetables. In general, these foods are also considered healthy."
Åkesson and his colleagues observed almost 60,000 women for more than 12 years, and estimated their dietary cadmium exposure using a food frequency questionnaire. They found over 2,000 cases of breast cancer in women who ate a high-cadmium diet. He says, "It’s possible that this healthy diet to some extent can counteract the negative effect of cadmium, but our findings need to be confirmed with further studies. It is, however, important that the exposure to cadmium from all food is low."

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